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The Prevue 3


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About The Prevue 3

This 3 person ground blind features one-way see-through mesh and a blacked out interior for superb concealment. A carry bag with backpack straps is included for portability and easy set-up.


  • 3 person
  • One-way see-through mesh
  • Superb concealment
  • Easy set-up
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 2 Full-width panoramic windows
  • Zippered door entrance
  • Blacked-out interior
  • Carry bag with backpack straps included


  • Footprint: 58"x58"
  • Shooting Width: 73" x 73"
  • Construction: Black-Backed, Water Resistant Fabric in Epic Camo
  • Standing Height: 66"
    Weight: 13.9lbs 
  • Stakes: (8) Steel stakes
  • Windows: 
    (2) Full Width Panoramic Windows with One-Way See-Through Mesh
    (1) Full Width Panoramic Window with heavy-duty fabric
  • Rear Viewing Window
  • Silent Slider Window Adjustment
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The Prevue 3