Military Verification is Easy and Safe - Find Out How It Works!

Insider's personal information security is a top priority at Guidefitter - Kris Poirier, Guidefitter Military Liaison and Retired Green Beret.
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As a retired Army Green Beret I empathize with current and former Service Members and their reluctance to share anything that may contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII). At Guidefitter we take the concerns of our current and potential members seriously. Any and all documents that contain PII of members are used solely for verification purposes only, and are immediately destroyed after verification.

Our partner brands found on Guidefitter rely on us to vet members before allowing them to join, and thus receive their Military discounts. For our Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard members this can be done by simply providing a current LES (no older than two months), and any PII on that document can (and should) be redacted before submission. These members may also utilize their accounts when joining Guidefitter; doing so will expedite the verification process.

For our Veteran members we are required to confirm the characterization of service at the time of discharge/retirement (must be Honorable or General Under Honorable Conditions). The most common document used for this is the Member 4 copy of the DD-214; however, some have voiced concerns over sharing this document. Like the LES, if using this form for verification a member can redact any information they feel uncomfortable sharing except the characterization of service.

There are other documents that we can use for vetting purposes as well. Below are some examples, but is by no means an exhaustive list:

  • VA document that indicates Character of Service- these can be obtained by logging onto
    • Service Verification Letter
    • Benefits Summary Letter
  • A copy of your most recent PCS orders
  • Current VFM membership card
  • Current American Legion membership card
  • Current Veteran Driver’s license

Example LES

Example DD214

Example VA Service Verification letter

Example VA Summary of Benefits letter

Example PCS orders

If there are questions or concerns over membership requirements please feel free to reach out to me at, or to our customer support team at

Kristopher Poirier
Bozeman, Montana
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