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MOJO® Triple Threat E-Caller


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About MOJO® Triple Threat E-Caller

MOJO® Triple Threat is a 3-part calling “System” that furnishes all components needed for successful predator calling that includes a caller designed for high quality sound and user-friendly operation to include the Remote Controlled Caller, THE MOST POPULAR predator decoy in the world, and built-in tripod to get the sound wave above most blockages that would distort it.


Designed by MOJO®’s Terry Denmon who has called predators for many years, large and small, dangerous and otherwise on 4 continents, and who wanted a caller that does what callers need to do. One thing he insisted upon was quality sound saying “its quality sound that makes the difference”.

  • High Quality cone speaker for quality sound Sound quality makes the difference
  • Built-in MOJO® Critter Decoy and tripod
  • MOJO® Critter won best decoy 7 years in row
  • Convenient decoy top storage in handle
  • Top magnetically connected Decoy controlled by remote
  • Dual sound storage and retrieval system Plays sounds loaded on any Standard SD Card up to 32 GB or on-board sounds Comes with 50 proven sounds on SD card and in on-board memory (dual system)
  • Load any sound not protected onto any SD Card and play those sounds
  • Allows user to custom build sounds for different types of hunts on separate cards
  • Caller automatically senses if card inserted and plays sounds on card; likewise, if no card is inserted, the caller defaults to 50 default sounds on the on-board memory.
  • Remote works up to 400 yards
  • Housing of high quality PV more durable than ABS
  • Standard MOJO® Peg with threaded insert for many optional mounting
  • Operates on 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Charging port for rechargeable battery use
  • Comes with 110/220 AC Charger Charger has light signal for charging status
  • Cell phone signal meter indicating remote coupled to caller No more ruined stands because remote
  • will not work caller
  • Flush glow in the dark buttons to prevent accidental operation even in pack
  • 4 Hot Buttons stores favorite sounds at pre-determined volume
  • Black lite red for day or night use
  • External speaker port

Tech Specs

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MOJO® Triple Threat E-Caller
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