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Spitfire Double Cross For Crossbow


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About Spitfire Double Cross For Crossbow

Spitfire Doubecross’s bulletproof design keeps the blades closed in flight and only open on impact, no matter how fast the arrow is traveling. 


The front deploying “stage one” main blades boast a massive 2” cutting diameter while the rear deploying “stage two” ‘bleeder’ blades feature a 1-1/8” cutting diameter. The DoubleCross cuts vertically and horizontally, regardless of the angle of impact, delivering better entrance and exit wound channels and dramatically increased blood trails. Trophy Tip design delivers bone-splitting penetration.

Cutting Diameter

1 1/8" secondary, 2"  

Available Weights

100 Grain

Replacement Blades Available  


Practice Head Available




Tech Specs

Grain Weight
100 Grain
Cutting Diameter
1 1/8 inch secondary, 2 inch
Pack count
3 Pack
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Spitfire Double Cross For Crossbow
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