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Thunderhead Nitro For Crossbow


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About Thunderhead Nitro For Crossbow

This compact all-steel fixed blade broadhead is durable and pinpoint accurate from even the fastest crossbows.  Ultra sharp Diamize blades make for larger blood trails and swifter recoveries.


The Thunderhead Nitro is a 100% American made fixed blade broadhead featuring 3 ultra-sharp blades that deliver a 1 1/16″ cutting diameter.  All steel construction means incredible durability and thanks to the Nitro’s low profile you can expect pinpoint accuracy from even the fastest crossbows.  The Thunderhead Nitro is built to the the most durable, accurate and hardest hitting fixed-blade broadhead in the NAP line.

Cutting Diameter

1 1/16"

Available Weights

100 Grain


3 blade

Replacement Blades Available


Practice Head Available




Tech Specs

Grain Weight
100 Grain
Number of blades
3 Blade Broadhead
Cutting Diameter
1 1/16 inch
Pack count
3 Pack
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Thunderhead Nitro For Crossbow
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