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ZeroTrace™ PureION™ Field Generator


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About ZeroTrace™ PureION™ Field Generator

Mature game always use the elements to their advantage. Our hunters do the same.


The ZeroTrace generator with PureION technology enhances your hunt by putting you closer to the action without detection. ZeroTrace is the only in-field system proven to safely neutralize human scent—none of the damaging effects to your health or gear caused by ozone. Instead, PureION technology utilizes the flow of small-but-mighty ion molecules to safely dispel unwanted scent particles. Lightweight and rechargeable, ZeroTrace is designed to provide continuous aircover in the stand or the blind.


  • ZeroTrace Field Generator
  • Two Rechargeable Batteries
  • Collar Lock Mounting Bracket
  • Charging Cable


  • Approx. 6 hours of battery life
  • Re-chargeable battery pack with USB port
  • Ultra-quiet fan evenly spreads healthy ion particle flow
  • Durable TRUBark™ texture for maximum concealment
  • Adjustable mount fits any setup

Tech Specs

Trubark HD™ Camo
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ZeroTrace™ PureION™ Field Generator
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